Jan 20, 2008

Back to Iraq !!

Finally - I’m off to Iraq !

Writing about the efforts of our Marines and Soldiers at war is an honor, but doing it from the safety of my desk is a bit embarrassing. But tomorrow evening I’m off again to Iraq for approx a month, from where I can report back to you from out in the field.

It’ll take me a few days to get out in the field, but from approx Monday, I’ll have three reports for you weekly.

I’ll be in the “Bagdad belts” for a week; going out in the field with the Soldiers of 1st Battalion, 30th ID continue to drive AQI from their area. Working from here, I’ll be reporting to you on their efforts, as well as the follow-on work of the Provisional Reconstruction Teams help the locals rebuild the economy. Especially in Iraq the cry is “Its job’s, stupid!”

Then I’ll be up in Bagdad, up in the Green Zone for a few days. We’ve got interviews planned with MajGen Rick Lynch, CG of MNFI-Central, Government of Iraq Spokesman Dr. Ali al-Dabbagh, and then down to talk with MajGen Douglas Stone and BG Michael Nevin about their successful detainee program.

From early Feb onward I’ll be returning to Anbar Province, from where I’ll be spending more time in Ramadi (with their Mayor and new Ramadi City Council ), and then back to Fallujah as the Marines of 1st MEF roll in and maintain the control and stability won by their 2nd MEF predecessors.

It’ll be an awesome trip - come join The Military Observer in the field !!

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