Jan 5, 2009

2008 Military Blog Contest

I usually avoid blogs and bloggers; they're a bunch of opinionated wankers who don't like to go outside..as opposed to me and my friends; we're not 'bloggers', we're studs who do "News and Informed Analysis..."

That said, I'm comfortable promoting a friend who is a finalist for the "Best Military Blog" category in the 2008 Weblog Awards -- "The War on Big Tobacco."


While some of Big Tobacco's blog posts are R-rated, so what - he lives and fights in an X-rated world - so WTF, right?

Voting starts today, 5 Jan and ends 13 January. And you can vote again every 24 hours. This means you can vote early and often for "The War on Big Tobacco."

So vote for him - or he'll blow smoke in a bloggers face, and make him cry.

1 comment:

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