Apr 26, 2010

Pepsi awards $ 50,000 to "Wish for our Heros!"

Wish For Our Heroes Awarded $50,000 in Pepsi Refresh Project

Beverage Leader Supports Public’s Favorite Ideas to Refresh the World

(APRIL 26, 2010) – Phoenix-Wish For Our Heroes, a non-profit organization that grants wishes for active military, announced today that it is one of 10 causes to receive $50,000 in the Pepsi Refresh Project. Wish For Our Heroes finished 3rd among nearly 1,100 organizations competing in the $50,000 category.

The Pepsi Refresh Project (www.refresheverything.com) is an online grant program that, in 2010, will award $20 million to projects intended to improve, or “refresh” communities through an online, democratic voting process. In March, Wish For Our Heroes competed to raise funds for granting wishes to active military. Americans voted for their favorite ideas at www.refresheverything.com, and after a competitive month, Wish For Our Heroes achieved their goal of securing $50,000.

“This is the first grant Wish For Our Heroes has received, as contributions to date have been from individuals or small businesses,” explained Jeff Wells, President and Founder of Wish For Our Heroes. “This grant surpasses the total value of wishes we have granted since our inception in November, and this amount of money will help many deserving families of our active-duty military.”

In total, the Pepsi Refresh Project awarded two $250,000, ten $50,000, ten $25,000 and ten $5,000 grants.

“We couldn’t be more appreciative of the efforts Pepsi and its partners have made to better communities. Not only will this grant assist us in helping our U.S. military, it has raised awareness for our foundation, and the many other organizations working hard to make a difference in the world,” explained Wells.

Wish For Our Heroes strives to relieve hardship circumstances not covered by existing military charities. Since November, the foundation has granted 25 wishes with a total value of $45,000.

For more information, visit www.wish4ourheroes.org , or our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Phoenix-Wish-For-Our-Heroes/153138900347?ref=ts

About Phoenix-Wish For Our Heroes

Incorporated in 2009, The Phoenix-Wish For Our Heroes Foundation is a 501(c)(3) foundation dedicated to “Helping Heroes Battle Hardships”, by granting wishes to active-duty military and their families. Our mission is to be the largest source of aid to active-military families, granting one wish for every member of our Armed Forces. www.wish4ourheroes.org .

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