Sep 1, 2010

Pakistani complicity with Al Qada-Taliban uncovered

The TTP & Operation ‘Samosa’
By Ali K Chishti
Daily Times; Karachi

It has been reported from at least two Interior Ministry sources in Pakistan that the ministry is in a state of panic and, as one of the sources, who wanted to remain anonymous, confirmed to Daily Times, “We are currently in a state of panic. If the whole al Qaeda, Taliban, TTP, local jihadi organisations and floods were not enough, we are now under immense pressure to trace the links of the alleged bombers caught in Ontario, Canada.” (Seems they are reluctant to do so, as those links to the Pakistani government will be uncovered)

While the country’s media is busy commenting on the latest cricket betting scandal and floods, a whole new crisis, perhaps of the same intensity as the Faisal Shahzad one, is brewing within both the international community and Canada.

Daily Times, after intense investigations and a tip-off from a source, was able to talk to a leader of the TTP who’s been alleged by a certain Western diplomat of being the brains behind the would-be terrorist attacks in Canada. TTP spokesman Azam Tariq neither refused nor denied the statement, but instead opted to say, “We support anyone who would fight the infidels.”

The TTP also paid homage to Faisal Shahzad for his bold actions in the US and said he had rendered great sacrifices to uphold the sacred cause of Islam. America is not safe on its own land, Azam Tariq pointed out.

While intense investigations are underway both in Pakistan and Canada, intelligence officials in Pakistan are said to be focusing on a friend of Shahzad – Muhammad Rehan – who originally introduced Shahzad to the TTP. Hiva Alizadeh, 30, an Iranian of Kurdish descent, is believed to be the mastermind of the would-be terrorist plot.

Daily Times was the first publication to publish the role of a Pakistani intelligence agency in tipping off its Canadian counterparts, which helped the Canadians unearth the al Qaeda cell.

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