Mar 15, 2011

The War Continues...Outside of Kandahar

Current Ops outside of Kandahar; an Army unit's fight to control their area:
The war hasn't let up much for the Wolfpack this winter. They've taken three casualties the last couple weeks. A platoon commander, a 19-year old single father,
and a PFC from another company. Spc Adam been out on two air assault missions
in CH-47s and a whole bunch of village sweeps lately.

Two weeks ago, they swept a village. After clearing it, they left via an open field, with Adam covering the rear with his SAW. Suddenly they started taking fire from the village they'd just left.

Adam hit the dirt and was the first to return fire. He laid down suppressing fire while the rest of his squad ran to a ditch on the far side of the field. AK and MG fire landed all around him, so close, he said later, that it kicked dirt into his ears. More than a dozen RPGs fired at or over him. When his squad reached the ditch, they covered him to run the gauntlet to join them. They then outflanked the village and drove the Talibs away. Of course, the Talibs had managed to booby-trap the village again, but knowing that they would, the squad carefully swept it again. In all, Spc Adam squeezed off some 600 rounds in this short, nasty firefight.

A few nights later, his squad was QRF when a drone's night-vision saw four Talibs planting IEDs about six clicks away from the COP. Off they marched, and nabbed the suckers, who were brought back for detainment and given to the ANA/ANP for processing.

A replacement unit is due in soon, but the RTB date to return to KAF keeps getting pushed back. It's been delayed 3 weeks now, and the incoming commander wants the Wolfpack to take his boys out in the field and do some side-by-sides and teach the incoming soldiers how to fight.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was written by someone who says "- the umpire".
SPC Adam deserves a medal in my opinion.

Airman Lerman said...

SPC Adam personifies the definition of a hero. While our media is caught up in Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan, we have people like SPC Adam serving his country and working wonders over there.

It's stories like this that make me real proud to serve my country and help my brothers in arms down range.

Come back safe boys, Beers in Nuremberg on me!

An Air Force Hooah to all of you!

DCameron said...

SPC Adam, along with this articulate descriptive of his heroic actions, should appear each and every day in the newspapers and on the television stations across our county. These are the "Boys to Men" whose stories should be told so Americans might rejuvenate the depth of patriotism that swept the nation on 9/11. A simple awareness of the sacrifice, dedication and love of country these soldiers exhibit 24/7 in their selfless effort to protect and defend all from the forces of evil, would positively alter the character of this nation. Mr. Lubin, for your factual reporting, Adam, for your heroic acts of bravery, and to all the military, for your commitment to keeping our country safe...THANK YOU!