Apr 14, 2011


Special program enables you to show your support for troops and their families

Yesterday, AOL, Inc. announced the launch of "Military Families Week" in support of a White House initiative calling on Americans to honor, recognize, and support military families. As part of the project, AOL Huffington Post Media Group is launching a wide-range of ongoing initiatives dedicated to spotlighting military veterans and their families and providing them with employment and career resources, and kicked off efforts at noon yesterday, with a special AOL "You've Got" Video featuring First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden.

In an effort to help support the military families who have served this country so generously, AOL will provide them with tools to connect with each other and to access the services they need. For example, AOL and Huffington Post Media Group sites will feature a career development and job placement hub and an intensive, weeklong spotlight on nonprofits helping service families. AOL will also launch "Patch Military" this spring, an extension of its mission to offer in-depth coverage designed to improve residents' lives and connect them with neighbors, events and services in their communities.

AOL will use its powerful platform to encourage users to get involved by highlighting nonprofits helping military families. Thru Sunday, the Daily Impact module located on the AOL.com homepage will highlight organizations helping in areas such as wellness, education and career development and make it easy to donate to leading organizations that benefit veterans and their families.

Want to get involved?

AOL Huffington Post Media Group recognizes a soldier’s commitment to serving their country and the impact it has on us all. You can show your support for our troops and their families by sharing a support badge during Military Families Week. For each badge you share, AOL will donate to Hire Heroes USA, a non-profit organization that offers job support to military families.

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